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Our story begins with reading a lovely article about the charming town of Blue Ridge. We live on the west coast and our youngest son was living in Florida so we thought the location would be ideal for finding a cabin for family gatherings. I can recall the drive up from Atlanta being so beautiful even in the winter. The moment we saw the cabin we felt drawn to the beautiful tranquil setting and could not resist the magnificent sounds of the meandering river. The cabin was under construction at the time so we were able to make changes to the layout and design of the kitchen. Once completed we found it to be even better than expected but unfortunately did not spend the time with family as originally intended. Each passing year we would say to ourselves we need to spend more time with family, but our careers seemed to always take priority. Until one tragic day our lives would be forever changed by a phone call. Our precious son had suddenly passed away. We would give anything to take those years back and regret every day that we put our careers ahead of spending time with family. I can still hear the excitement in our sons voice about planning a spring trip to the cabin that never would come to pass. After more than five years we finally took the journey back last October.  We have decided that we would like to sell the cabin so we are limiting bookings at this time and are now offering a Bed and Breakfast option to book the lower level bedroom suite for a couple that does not mind sharing space with the hosts.

We want to express a heartfelt thank you to all of our Gold Star repeat guests that have taken such good care of the cabin throughout the years.  The love and support you all have given to us is amazing.

Richard and Lisa Strauss - Hosts

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