Vacation Rental Log Cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Reservation Questions

Question:  My budget is tight, can I order a sofa bed instead of one of the bedrooms? 

Answer:  Yes, you can order a sofa bed instead of a bedroom however, when sofa beds are not ordered as overflow the cleaning fee is calcuated the same as ordering a bedroom. 

Question:  We have friends staying in Blue Ridge can we invite friends over to watch a movie ? 

Answer:  It depends on the number of friends you would like to invite and the number of people in your party.  The maximum occupancy is 10 over night guests plus two day visitors for a total of 12 people on the premises at all times.  The fee for day guest visitors is $10.00 per vistior for the entire stay.

Question:  I am not sure of my guest count and how many bedrooms we will require? 

Answer:  If you are not sure of the number of guests or the number of bedrooms you will require we recommend starting with a limited number and just adding more bedrooms or sofa beds when your headcount is better solidified.  We allow deletions up until the final payment has been made and additions up to the day of arrival.  Our policy allows up to two changes to the agreement without charge. 

Question:  What does the Cleaning Fee Cover? 

Answer:  The Cleaning and Guest Service fee is based on the number of bedrooms required to be attended to during the stay and is based on an allotment of time to cover the following items:

Cleaning covers re-making of all beds, vacuuming, a quick hygiene clean which includes floors, bathroom toilets, tubs and showers, wiping out the refrigerator, microwave and oven, dusting furniture, light fixture, artwork and blinds, hot tub check and chemicals. (No deep cleaning of any kind is included). Cleaning also covers laundry which is the most time consuming element of the guest service fee. The fee covers the washing and drying of towels and bed linens.

The Guest Service fee covers spa check and chemicals, blowing off the patio, decks and gazebo areas, verification of kitchen and linen inventory, checking the sound system, internet connection and testing all televisions to make sure they are all working properly. Inventory counts include all towels, linens, bedding, accessories, artwork and a full accounting of the kitchen inventory. To view a detailed summary and allotment breakdown click link to Guest Service Fees.


General Questions about the Cabin

Question:  Do cell phones work at the cabin ? 

Answer:  It depends on the cell phone carrier you are using.  From our experience using an AT&T blackberry and Iphone. We get limited coverage in the kitchen but if you walk up to the top of the driveway next to the garbage cans you can get three bars. No service what so ever with TMobile.  For those of you using Verizon and Sprint although the service is somewhat spotty most of the time you will get two bars and be able to retrieve messages.  

Question:  What are the Roads like during Winter months? 

Answer:  The cabin is located off of Aska Road which is a paved road that is snow plowed by the county.  The road the cabin is located on is also paved with no steep hills to contend with.  Our cabin has a flat circular concrete driveway with access on both sides of the driveway should snow shoveling be necessary. 

Question:  How close is the nearest Neighbor? 

Answer:  Facing the river the neighbor to the right sits down closer to the river  so you can only see the neighbors cabin out one of the side windows on the upper level. Distance is ~200 – 300 feet. The neighbor to the left is about 2 acres away, you cannot see their cabin from our property.

Question:  Is Firewood Supplied? 

Answer:  We do not provide firewood  

Question:  Does the Cabin have a Generator? 

Answer:  No, the cabin does not have a generator as we have not had enough power outages to justify the expense.      

Question:  Does the Cabin have DVD's? 

Answer:  Yes, the cabin has about 20 different DVD movies or guests can download movies from our Net Flix account..

Question:  Can we arrange for Pay Per View? 

Answer:  Yes, we offer this service for Events on Pay Per View only.  Guests will need to email us 24 hours before the event with the specific event name and channel location.  You will be billed at the cost of the event plus a  nominal fee for the administration time to set this up and cover the cost to process the transaction.