Vacation Rental Log Cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Rental Policies


Reservation Deposits: A 20% deposit is required at time of booking, the balance is due 60 days prior to arrival. Sorry, no courtesy holds are permitted please read through the rental polices carefully before placing a reservation. Once a booking confirmation email has been sent this is be considered to be a confirmed reservation and the terms of the cancellation policy will be enforce. Failure to return a signed rental agreement will not waive the terms of the cancellation policy as once a reservation has been submitted the dates on the calendar are immediately blocked with the inability for anyone else to reserve the property.

Reservation changes: No deletions to a confirmed reservation will be allowed. Renter can make additions to the reservation up until two weeks prior to arrival without charge. No charge for up to two reservation changes, a $20.00 reservation change fee will be applied on the third change or after the final confirmation details have been sent.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel a confirmed reservation for any reason, no refund of previously paid reservation deposits/prepaid rents will be allowed, unless the reserved property can be re-booked for the same reservation period and price. If we are notified of a cancellation, we will make every effort to rebook and will refund your prepaid amounts, which will be based upon any alternative revenue received, less a 20% cancellation fee of the total rental rate. Any such refunds will only be made once we actually receive the replacement reservation deposits and/or prepaid rents for your reserved booking period. Security deposits are fully refundable. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRIP INSURANCE For information or a quote on trip insurance please visit the Travel Insurance website click here

Storm and Road Conditions: We highly recommend that guests consider purchasing trip insurance for Christmas Holiday stays as No refunds will be given for storms or formidable weather. Mountain roads can be curvy and often dangerous in snowy or icy conditions. Roads leading in and out of the cabin are well maintained but guests should not count on snow plowing on neighborhood streets. We highly recommend four wheel drive or chains during the winter months when a winter adversary alert has been posted.

Reservation Refunds: No refunds issued due weather, airline, road conditions, power, gas, electrical, pest and insects, media room electronics, televisions, internet outages or failure of any of the electronic equipment in the home to work properly. Renter is advised that additional persons, beyond the specified guest list, will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit and that it will result in early termination of your rental period, without refund or rental fees and that renter will be held liable for payment of the higher rental rate.

Security Deposit $250.00: All rentals regardless of stay duration require a security deposit. This deposit is fully refundable within seven (7) days following the end of your rental period if paid by check, deposits paid by credit card will be held and released the day of departure if the premises are left undamaged and all inventory intact and all financial obligations met(guests will find a complete listing of inventory in the guest service booklet). Renter is responsible for any and all damages caused during their stay including damages caused by others in their party and/or their guests. A portion of this security deposit will be used for excess cleaning if the property is left excessively dirty or littered.


Occupancy Compliance:  Renter must be in compliance with the occupancy requirements of our insurer and local fire ordinances therefore the guest list must be accurate at all times. Maximum sleeping occupancy is 10 guests on the premises. Primary occupant must be age 25 or older, our caretaker may request to see a copy of a valid driver's license for verification purposes.  To insure accuracy of the guest list please be advised that owner/agent reserves the right to conduct unannounced visits to the property to assure accuracy. Occupancy by additional persons, beyond the specified maximum, will result in the forfeiture of your security deposit and/or early termination of your rental period, without refund or rental fees paid. Renter must understand that this property is intended to be used only by the maximum specified number of persons specified in this rental agreement. Please be respectful of property lines and boundaries between our rental home and our neighbors, and that you must observe "quiet hours" between 9PM & 7AM each day of your visit.

Parties, Weddings and Reunions:  All special occasion parties including birthdays and family reunions require prior approval.  Unauthorized weddings or family gatherings where our cabin is used as a central gathering place for other family members staying at other cabins is prohibited.  No Disc Jockeys or Live Bands are allowed at any time.  Refer to Use of Grounds Rates and Polices for  approved Weddings. 

Sleeping Capacity: All guests staying on the premises must pay for sleeping accommodations either by ordering a bedroom or sofa bed. We do not allow guests to bring sleeping bags or air mattresses or guests to sleep on the top of the sofas in the cabin. We reserve the right to cancel reservations if sleeping accommodations are not adequate for the number of occupants listed on the reservation guest list.

Day Guests/Visitors: No visitor's will be permitted at any time.  The only exception is when a guest has paid for a wedding venue and we have received a copy of the $1,000,000 liability/event insurance policy.

Base Rent & Fees

Cabin Rental Rates: Our rates are based on bedrooms, each bedroom is double occupancy. Cabin rental rates is not a shared house rate. Bedrooms not ordered are locked so it is important that guests place orders accurately.

Guest Suite B&B Rate: Rate is for one bedroom shared space with the hosts, maximum two adult guests.

Cleaning : Only a quick clean is included in the rate no deep cleaning of any kind is included.  Please refer to House Rules for a list of guest responsibilities House Rules

Excess Fees: In the event that there’s excessive cleaning due to guests failure to follow the departure check a rate of $30.00 per hour will be deducted automatically from the security deposit.  Hot Tub excess cleaning $125.00 will be automatically deducted from the security deposit if hot tub water is not left clear requiring hot tub to be drained and fresh chemicals added. 

Check-In Procedures

Check-In time: Check-In is at 5:00PM. Renters that have paid for the early check in option will find the times have been adjusted to reflect the change in times on the rental agreement. Every effort is made to have the premises ready for guest occupancy at check-in time, but we cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy with back-to-back reservations.

Check-in Instructions: Upon arrival Guests are asked to perform a walk-through inspection and review the master known issues list. Please notify the caretaker immediately of any inconsistency between the report and your findings. Failure to complete this action may unintentionally hold you liable for damage that occurred before your arrival. Upon your departure a subsequent inspection report will be prepared. You are solely responsible for any and all damage that has occurred between the two reports. For minor accidents please complete the Oops We Broke Something form and leave the broken item so that we can remove it from inventory and arrange for a replacement.

Early Check In - Time Change Option: Early Check- in is $20.00 per hour.  This option guarantees ability to check in early (only available when we do not have back to back stays).

Directions and Codes: One week prior to arrival, the Renter designated in this Agreement, will receive detailed driving directions, and keyless entry access codes and our caretaker contact information should renter need assistance during the stay.

Parking & Security: The home has a video surveillance system which monitors the parking area and entry door way. We have a parking constraint as well as limited turn around space. The maximum number of cars is 5 cars or 4 cars and one boat with trailer. No RVs or campers are allowed on the premises. ATVs are to be kept on the trailer. The cabin is located on a one lane road, no on street parking is available and no blocking of the driveway..

Inventory: The furnishings provided are inventoried upon arrival and departure. A complete set of towels are provided for each guest (Bath, Hand and wash cloth). The kitchen has been labeled with the location of every item along with a complete inventory list in the kitchen inventory book. We ask that guests please return items back to the labeled location for ease in taking inventory at departure.  If you are not sure where something belongs please leave the item on the counter so extra time is not spent searching.

Supplies & Clean up Kit: We provide a beginning supply of paper goods; three rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom, face tissue and paper napkins. We only use plant based cleaning products that do not have harsh chemicals n our cabin.  We provide a starter supply of the laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish soap, a clean sponge, dish towels and dishwasher tabs. For departure clean up we provide a cleanup kit that includes: a roll of paper towels, Method All purpose cleaner, anti bacterial wipes, glass cleaner, granite and stainless steel polish. The kitchen has a full array of herbs, spices, BBQ rubs, salt, pepper, flour, sugar, coffee, k-cups for use in the Kurig coffee maker, syrup for the soda maker as well as an assortment of teas and hot cocoa. The outside BBQ grill is hooked up to our main propane tank and is on a timer.

Towels & Bath Supplies: We provide two sets of towels for each bedroom ( bath, hand and washcloth, spa robes and towels, amenity bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, bath soak and make up remover wipes. We only use Method products in our home which does not have any harsh chemicals and has been tested to insure that these products will not bleach stain our towels or linens. The bath towels in our home are custom embroidered with our logo (each set costs $65.00 to replace). Damage insurance will not cover bed linens or towels as the insurance company views these as supplies. We ask guests to be very careful when using tooth paste with whiteners or any type of face cleanings products as these products have a tendency to bleach stain our towels. 

Check Out Procedures

Check-Out time: check out is at 10:00AM.   We cannot make exceptions without prior written authorization. This policy is strictly enforced to provide housekeeper adequate time to prepare the property for the next guests arrival. Renters that have paid for the late check-out option will find the times have been adjusted to reflect the change in times on the rental agreement.

Late Check Out - Time Change Option: Late Check- out is $20.00 per hour.  This option guarantees ability to check out later (only available when we do not have back to back stays)..

Check-Out Instructions: Please leave the cabin in a neat and orderly condition (same condition it was in when you arrived).

Departure Check List

1.  Please do not strip the sheets off the bed we prefer to do this ourselves, just put the beds back the way you found them with bedding left flat on top of the beds.

2.  If towels are damp please hang them over the towel rack to air dry.

3.  Please wipe down kitchen counter tops, load and start the dishwasher(s) if you are unsure where kitchen inventory belongs please leave on the counter.

4.  If grill has been used please brushes grill down and wipe down side trays.

5.  Confirm Home Theater Room Projector System has been turned off per instructions.

6.  Turn lights and ceiling fans off, check to make sure all doors are locked

7.  Bag all trash from kitchen and bathrooms and just toss your trash in the bin on the side of the driveway on your way out.

Garbage & Trash: It is extremely important that garbage and trash be disposed of properly so you do not attract bears. Guests will find seven garbage cans labeled with the seven days of the week along with recycling containers. Recycling containers are located inside the cabin in the kitchen area along with a trash compactor located next to the sink. Instructions for recycling are located in the guest service area. Excess trash fees are defined as anything that will not fit in the garbage cans that are allotted for the dates of your stay.

 Garbage bins showing days of the week

Misc. Polices:

Complaints: All representations made by owner/ owner’s representative with respect to the River Ridge Lodge are complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge and made in good faith. Owner/ owner’s representative is not responsible for issues outside of their control such as the failure of the water supply, gas, electricity, heating, television, satellite service, Internet service, appliances, hot tub, BBQ, entertainment equipment, etc., though they will endeavor to arrange for any such problems to be corrected as soon as practical. If you have any such problem during a rental period, you must notify owner/ owner’s representative immediately so that we can try and remedy the problem.

Fire Danger: Due to the extremely dry temperatures especially during summer months and distance from the fire department to this location; NO Fire pits, Fireworks or Smoking is permitted on the premises. The cabin has an outdoor fireplace in the gazebo area which is the only authorized area for outdoor fires.

Hot Tub:  The maximum number of people the hot tub can accommodate is 6 people. Showering with soap and water is required before use as showering helps to remove any lotions, deodorants, creams and/or common skin bacteria which will reduce the effectiveness of the sanitizing chemicals used to disinfect the hot tub water. The hot tub is professionally cleaned and maintained. No jumping or diving, never use glass near or in the Hot Tub, Always use caution when entering and exiting the hot tub. Surrounding patio/deck may be slippery and dangerous when wet. Do not add anything to the water including foaming bubbles, chemicals, soaps, bath oils, etc. If these items are used in the hot tub, an additional cleaning fee will be assessed. Elderly persons and pregnant women should consult a physician before using the Hot Tub. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Do not enter the Hot Tub if the temperature is over 104 degree Fahrenheit. Limit your soak time to 15 minutes and cool off before re-entry. Anyone with diabetes, heart disease, high or low blood pressure or any serious illness should consult a physician before entering the Hot Tub. Please do not sit or lie down on the Hot Tub cover, Turn off the high jets after use. When the hot tub is not in use, the cover must be reinstalled in the proper position and secured, especially if there are any children in the vicinity. Hot tub covers are easily damaged. Guest(s) agree(s) to inspect the hot tub cover for any damage upon arrival and report any problems to the owners immediately. Please do not turn off or unplug the hot tub. This can interfere with filtering and maintaining the cleanliness and temperature of the unit. Guest(s) agrees to leave the hot tub in the same condition it was received. If cleaning and /or repairs are required due to negligence or abuse, guest(s) will be required to pay for the cleaning and/or repairs. Vacation Holdings, LLC and its owners and caretaker accepts no responsibility for the use of this hot tub by any guest(s).

Lost and Found Items: Guests are reminded to allow enough time before departure to insure that belongings are not left behind as costs associated with return of belongings can be quite expensive. Due to concerns with belongings lost in shipment or damaged in transit we can not accept the liability for guests belongings. Therefore, guests are asked to contact a local UPS store in your area to arrange for UPS to pick up your belongings. We will require packaging to be sent to us ahead of time along with the return label. The fee for our caretakers time to package and arrange for shipment is $30.00 per hour. Before belongings can be shipped back a disclaimer is required that states our caretaker will not be responsible for loss or damage. Schedule the return or picking up belongings cannot take place until the next turn day as our policy is not to disturb guests.

No Pets: We are not able to accommodate Pets as we have high cleanliness standards and want to keep our cabin an allergy free place for guests and our own family members that suffer from asthma.

Smoking: This is a non-smoking home. If it is found that any member of the rental party, or guest of the rental party, has smoked inside the home or on the porches or decks your security deposit will be forfeited. Smoking is only allowed on the cement driveway area in front of the cabin (cigarette butts must be picked up an disposed of before departure).

Televisions and Sound Systems:  The projection system and surround sound system electronics in the cabin are extremely sensitive. Renters are asked to read the instructions for operating the system carefully before pushing any buttons. The main system controller is for the media room only and should not be removed from this room. No game systems of any kind are allowed to be hooked up to the projection system as reprogramming of the equipment may be necessary. The projection system and all televisions are checked before and after departure to insure everything is working properly. Renters is asked not to remove any wires from the back of the system or to remove batteries from the controller unit as this could also cause the system not to operate properly. If resetting of the system is required the cost is $100.00 per visit which will be deducted from the security deposit. The projection system should be turned off when not in use as the bulb life is only 2000 hours at a cost of $500.00 per bulb.