Vacation Rental Log Cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Use of Grounds Policies

This policy applies to guests that have booked a stay and would like to have a small intimate wedding or family reunion gathering on the grounds and use the cabin facilities.  

* Use of Grounds & Cabin Facilities: No charge for use of the cabin and grounds for a small wedding or family gathering when a guest has booked the full house rate for a party of 10 guests and all members are shown on the rental agreement approved occupancy list.  For renters that would like to invite additional family or friends during your stay we charge an additional fee.  In addition to the vacation rental agreement we require a Use of Grounds addendum plus a requirement to purchase liabiity event insurance. Maximum occupancy cannot exceed 20 people on the premises. 

* Use of PremisesHost and their guests must be respectful of property lines and boundaries between our vacation rental home and our neighbors. If you will be having a caterer they will be allowed use of the kitchen facilities.  Event guests will be allowed access to the main floor powder room and main floor bathroom. Rental Host agrees to close off bedrooms and to post signs stating “No Admittance” to the other areas of the home.

* Alcohol Ordinances: Due to State and Local regulations, no cash bars will be allowed. The host is allowed to bring their own alcohol into the home. The host is responsible for any minor consumption of alcohol and in the event a person under 21 is served an alcoholic beverage, that person will be immediately removed from the property.

* Cancellations: No Refunds.  Refer to the terms and conditions of your event insurance policy.

* Cleaning & Trash Removal Fees: Host will be required to pay a non-refundable cleaning charge to cover the cost of additional trash removal and cleaning.

* Event Start Time: Your family gathering or event cannot start before the schedule start time shown in Exhibit A of the Use of Grounds Agreement. Host is to advise service providers that they are not to enter the premises until the date and time shown on the agreement. No exceptions without prior written authorization. Every effort will be made to have the premises ready for occupancy at start time; owner /agent cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy if the home has been scheduled with a back-to-back reservation.

* Event End Time: Your fmaily gathering or events must conclude by 10:00 PM and vacated by 12:00 Midnight. An additional cost of $100.00 per hour will apply for events that run past the vacated time unless prior arrangements are made with the owner/agent. Host is aware that this cabin is located in a neighborhood community and must observe "quiet hours" that start at 10:00 PM.  All rental equipment must be removed from the premises within 24 hours of the end of the event.  Any equipment not removed within 24 hours will be billed at $100.00 per hour.

* Event planner: or designated person must be on site during set up, the day of the event and during clean up.  If an event planner is not available to supervise the event renter is required to coordinate with the caretaker or property manager to arrange for a designated person to be on site.

* Event Insurance: Any individual, organization or group seeking to use the cabin for a Event, Meeting, Wedding or family reuion will be required to provide a certificate of insurance for $1,000,000 of general liability with the owners, River Ridge Lodge LLC and Vacation Holdings, named as an additional insured. Failure to provide proof of insurance within 15 days of the event date will deem use of the gounds for an event  null and void.  To obtain a quote or to obtain a policy for Event Insurance please click this link EVENT INSURANCE  

* Music: Live Bands, Disc Jockeys or any musical instrument with an amplifier is strictly prohibited.

* Outside Services: florists, musicians, decorators, photographers and audiovisual will be allowed on the premises at no additional charge. No Rice, confetti, glitter, silly string and scotch tape on walls will not be allowed. No candles will be allowed inside the villa. Candles will be allowed with glass shields on table tops only.

* Parking Limitations: The cabin has a parking limitation as no street side parking is allowed. The circular driveway can house a maximum of five vehicle's (greater than 5 vehicles car pooling will be required).  

* Security Deposit: All events require an additional $500.00 security deposit. This deposit is in addition to the $250.00 vacation rental depoist. This deposit is fully refundable within seven (7) days following the end of the event, if the premises are left undamaged, all inventories intact, and all financial obligations met. Host is responsible for any and all damages caused during the event including damages caused by event guests. A portion of this security deposit will be used for excess cleaning and/or trash removal plus  dump fee if the property is left excessively dirty or littered.  Accidental Damage Insurance is a requirement and will be added as an additional fee.

* Smoking: Host acknowledges that the home has been designated as a NO SMOKING facility and a fine will be imposed if smoking polices are not adhered to.